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The Word is Bond - TOP SUBMISSIONS EP2 APR, 2020

Austin’s genre-bending funk band Honey Made set things off nicely with their self-titled track. The track is rife with all the goodies of the vintage funk-rock and soul jams from yesteryears. The production is super funky and edgy while the vocalists bring that catchy, call and response type performance to the forefront. The band has also been busy producing music. The band’s discography includes the singles “Do Ya?” and “Perfect Getaway” released in June 2019. A music video of “Do Ya? Was released in December 2019. In 2020 the band released the single “Ashy Pockets.” And its first EP “Couple Few” that includes the track “Honey Made.”
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Austin Uncharted

Austin Uncharted presents Honey Made. Recorded live at King Electric Studio in Austin, Texas.

David Diers Concert Review: Honey Made at Stubbs Indoors 6-22-2019

Nearly halfway through the set Willie Barnes II, set his microphone down and jumped down into the crowd, the audience formed a tunnel as he danced back to the back of the room, the band on stage keeping the groove going, the audience stretching their heads to the back of the crowded room to catch a glimpse of the roving party maker who soon enough was climbing back on stage mic in hand as the band pushed together into another tight chorus.


“Perfect Getaway” is the latest Funk driven single from the Austin, Texas-based artist Honey Made which contains enough Soul to induce goosebumps from the first few notes in the prelude.

As the drippings of soul nostalgia intensify in Perfect Getaway, you’ll find yourself in an effervescently shimmering soundscape where every instrumental in the arrangement exudes fluid expression.

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