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Upstairs is sort of a homage to the days of Motown

“Upstairs” is the story of a guy dealing with a girl playing hard to get when she actually is initiated contact and is interested in the same outcome. A tale as old as time as they say. The title has a double meaning to it. We ask the question, “What’s going on Upstairs?” At first we mean “What are you thinking? What’s going on in that head of yours?” By the end of the song it actually means “So, whatcha got going on upstairs”? as the couple makes their way to the bedroom.

"Brand New"

The album features ten tracks of original music. It is a multi-genre album including soul, funk, reggae and jazz elements. The title track “Brand New” is about a guy finding the right girl and how he feels brand new, It is a follow up to the story of a jilted lover titled “Like a Fool” on our first record. It is also a recognition that the band is brand new with a new attitude and sound. Some other tracks include the funky song “Chicken Sweats” that celebrates the crispy goodness of fried chicken but also lets you know a little more is at play here than just fried chicken.

There there is the more traditional soul anthem of “Be True” featuring guest artist Tamara Mack. The record ranges from the party sound of “Can You Feel IT” to the funkier “Steppin’ Out” and the funk and jazz sounds of the instrumental “Southern Fried Funk.” It closes with the feel good message of “So Good.” It is a record that that guarantees to get your body movin’ and your feet tappin’ to the beat.


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